In the Parlor: The Final Goodbye is a documentary film examining the ever growing trend of families taking a more active role in caring for their own dead. The film shares intimate insights and experiences of three families who chose this for their loved ones after death.

During the last decade an increasing number of families have been choosing this option as a way to have a more personal and fulfilling way to say good-bye. What was once a normal everyday part of life, prior to the civil war, is now making a resurgence.

Despite the dominance of professional funeral services, families in most states are entitled to care for their own dead. In the Parlor aims to broaden awareness of alternative funeral practices by sharing the stories of a few families who chose this more personal and fulfilling path.

Creatively balancing her careers in film and television production, and as a home death care guide, Heidi Boucher has over 25 years experience assisting families in caring for their own dead. In combining both her passions for the first time, the filmmaker has joined Ruby and David Sketchley of Tiny Octopus Productions to bring forth a unique and insightful film.